A Note About the Western Prejudice Against Astrology

Many people have never been exposed to Astrology as a useful tool. Their only exposure being the childish pablum that spews forth daily from the main stream media (called Sun Sign Astrology). This kind of useless garbage just perpetuates the bias.

This bias is predominantly from the scientific community; mostly due to a mechanistic view of life that has dominated scientific thinking for a very long time. It comes from the classical concept of a Newtonian Mechanical Universe that even Newton would most likely disagree with (considering his interest in Alchemy and Theology). In our ‘modern’ era this mechanical view is mixed with a quantum view, but this often confuses rather than clarifies how a Mechanical Universe can even exist. One reason the mechanical view is so persistent is because it is more vibrant in our consciousness due to the overwhelming impact of our senses; we tend to take this impact as evidence, even though our senses are known to have severe limitations! The wonderful world our senses show us is not what we perceive it to be; what our senses show is an illusion; the reality is much more amazing. But our senses lock us into an immersive experience in the middle of the Universe, between the micro and macro scales. So we miss a lot of what is really going on!

Despite all the social pressure to do otherwise, there are some scientists who have actually studied Astrology and find some value in it. Most often they do not speak out publicly because of the bias and how it might effect their careers; yet others have published their views regardless of opposing opinion. It is not my intention to bash science; science is very powerful and has opened our eyes to many amazing things. But like many things that start with good intentions and then become bureaucratic, open-mindedness suffers; the culture reaps both the benefits and the closed mindedness. In a larger cultural context, there is a tendency to put science up on an alter, like the core of a religion where the masses just accept what scientists say without the due process of critical thinking. The scientists are akin to the priests of some old world religion, where their word is unquestioned and taken on faith to be true.

There is also a significant religious bias in our culture that has existed since before the industrial revolution. It originates from a dark time of censorship when the churches were consolidating their power and influence. There were times in history when the church had the power to threaten the life of a scientist that presented a view of the cosmos that disagreed with the prevailing religious view. The same was true for Astrologers. Strange, considering the many positive Astrological references that still exist in religious scripture.

I am not going to go into how or why Astrology works (think holograms, quantum entanglement, DNA mapping, just to get started); Just consider that what we really know about the nature of reality is pretty much insignificant compared to what we do not know.

Just to clarify, I do not believe in Astrology. I have studied it, experimented with it, and found it works. So it is not a belief, it is just as real as the light from the Sun. I also know from experience that Love exists and is a very powerful force that has dramatically changed the way I see reality. But I cannot demonstrate either of these to you in a laboratory.

What I can say is that there are higher forces and functions within the Creation than those that can be demonstrated or proven in a laboratory. Most of science does its experiments by isolating the thing to be experimented on. Astrology by its very nature cannot be isolated because it is all about patterns and connections. Even so, science can and has shown that some aspects of Astrology are valid. But there is virtually no funding for such research and the main-stream-media shows only the kind of Astrology that, at best, makes it mildly entertaining, and at worst, makes it look like a complete fraud. Most of the studies done so far have very limited budgets, and is mostly done by individuals wanting to verify Astrology (due to personal interest) or to prove a point (by disproving it). If you are interested in some of the research that is actually useful, check the works by: Michel Gauquelin (started his statistical work to disprove Astrology only to find it works); Dr. Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch (Honorary Director of Research at CNRS, director of research at the University of Paris XI-Orsay, authored over 150 academic papers; Dr. Percy Seymour (author of eight acclaimed books on astronomy and cosmology, Senior Planetarium Lecturer at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich 1972-1977, Principal Lecturer in Astronomy at the University of Plymouth 1977-2003, his special area of study was magnetic fields in the Milky Way Galaxy); John H. Nelson (shortwave radio propagation analyst who worked for RCA (beginning in the mid 1940′s) to find a correlation between magnetic storms and sunspots so they could predict radio transmission disturbances, found that heliocentric planetary correlations are the key to predicting magnetic storms; Nelson knew nothing about Astrology but his findings inadvertently support the patterns Astrologers have been using for centuries).

It is very difficult to prove objectively that Astrology works or that Love exists (especially to a skeptic!); but if you want to experience Astrology actually working you can. If you are open to experiencing Love you can. You just won’t be able to easily prove the experience. The purpose of life is not to prove what you experience to others, it is to have the experience yourself. When dealing with Astrology (or Love) you are truly dealing with the mysteries of life. Be open to the experience!

Now on a practical level, it can be useful to think of Astrology like the weather. This is a very simplistic analogy, but it is useful. If the current weather forecast is for snow and icy conditions, you are free to decide if traveling is worth the hassle. You may decide to change to snow tires. You may not. You may wear boots instead of shoes. A warmer coat. These decisions are yours to make, but if the weather conditions call for snow and ice and you travel without snow tires your chances of getting in an accident increase. It does not mean you will be in an accident, only that there are more dangerous conditions. What the weather prediction does is give you more information about the environment so you can make a more informed decision. That is what Astrology does but within a much larger scope.