Economic Crisis Timeline

Our world is going through some growing pains. Astrology can reveal an interesting perspective, and a timeline for when major changes are most likely. You can click on the image below to see a larger version marked with key dates. Then click the browsers back button to return here.

Economic Crisis Timeline

2012-2015 Transits over the Birth Chart of America (click to enlarge)

Doubts about Astrology? Check this out…

Here are the names of Symbols for those not familiar with Astrology. No need to remember them, just use as a reference when reading the article.

Planet Symbols with NamesZodiac Sign Symbols

The First Quarter Waxing Square of Uranus to Pluto from 2012 to 2015

I know much of this will sound strange if you have no knowledge of Astrology, and I am not posting this to teach you about Astrology, but I will mention some basic stuff to help you understand this article. The reason for posting this is to show a timeframe for the coming economic crisis culminating between 2012 and 2015. The patterns in this timeframe are not based on anyone’s opinion. It is a cosmic view of the zeitgeist of the world. But the interpretation of it is my opinion. I predict massive changes are coming and it is up to each of us to act accordingly to protect ourselves and our families. This prediction is not based solely on Astrology, but on a synthesis of the state of the world (of course, as I see it) and the current Astrological patterns. And if you look around, you will see I am not alone in this opinion.

Each of the points on the graphic marked with a date are when major stress angles occur between the planets Uranus and Pluto (from Aries to Capricorn). Click the image above to see the details in a larger image. Of course this is not the only significant planetary pattern during this time frame; but it is one of the major themes.

The Key Dates Are: Jun 24-25, 2012 and Sep 19-20, 2012; May 21, 2013 and Nov 1-2, 2013; Apr 21-22, 2014 and Dec 15, 2014; and Mar 17, 2015.

These dates are major stress points because that is when Uranus and Pluto are 90 degrees to each other in the sky. A 90 degree angle is unstable and in Astrology it represents stress and crises; which can be a welcome and energetic motivator, or an unwelcome and distracting disruptor. Specific events related to these Astrological patterns can be out of phase by several days or weeks on either side of the actual dates. But what is more important than predicting events is showing the types of energies prevalent during this time that effect humanity at many levels, especially the emotional and psychological levels that influence how people think and act. How all of this actually manifests in our world is dependent on the Astrological patterns and the world wide context; the situations and the players within the drama.

The reason there are seven crossing points between Uranus and Pluto is due to retrograde motion and the slower speed of the outer planets. Retrograde motion is why the planetary motion along the timelines looks like a wavy line – going forward in the zodiac most of the time and backward (retrograde) some of the time. Of course the planets do not actually change direction and move backwards – retrograde motion is what we see from our perspective on earth.

This graphic shows the zodiac compressed into 90 degrees; In Astrology this is called the 4th harmonic. This is done to make it easy to see certain relationships between the planets. To see how this is done think of cutting a circle into 4 quadrants (90 degrees each) and then ovelap the quadrants by laying the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quadrants onto the 1st quadrant. When this is done you will get each 90 degree section of the zodiac circle lined up on top of each other in a single 90 degree section; and because each quadrant has a cardinal sign at the beginning, a fixed sign in the middle, and a mutable sign at the end (each 30 degrees), it also means that all the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs line up with each other. The graphic shows the 90 degree markings on the left side margin. When the current positions of the planets are placed in the normal zodiac and then viewed from this 90 degree 4th harmonic quadrant, all the planets that are at 0 degrees (conjunct), 90 degrees (waxing square), 180 degrees (opposition) and 270 degrees (wanning square) show up as crossing each others path. These are the most intense of all the planetary angles.

The points on the graphic marked with dates are when Uranus and Pluto cross each others path. And because we know that Uranus is now in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn, we know this crossing represents a square aspect which is 90 degrees.

The dotted horizontal lines that go straight across the chart are positions that are fixed in time. They are the positions of the planets at the birth of the United States – the signing of the Declaration Of Independence on July 4th 1776. This chart reveals a lot about America and has been shown to be very sensitive to events throughout America’s history. But this article just focuses on the years 2012 – 2015. Maybe in another article I can go over some of the history. For the purposes of this article, the most important horizontal line is for the Sun in the United States birth chart. For living beings the Sun represents your soul or life force, it is your primary purpose for existing. In the case of a country it represents the fundamental nature of that country. You can see which planet belongs to which horizontal line by the looking at the planets in the right side margin in the graphic.

The main thing I want to show here is that each of these points indicates a very powerful event or culmination point. Planets build intensity as they come closer and closer to the 4th harmonic angles. Their intensity can also increase during the several days when they slow down and appear to stop just before changing direction. Predicting the exact details of what will happen is not what Astrology is for; Astrology measures the conditions within which those details manifest. Another thing to consider is that events may not manifest on those exact dates as there are other influences that play a role (and can stimulate an event to happen a little earlier or suppress it to delay the actual event). What actually manifests is determined by the actions of the humans involved in the drama. And for something as powerful as these influences are, it is usually a series of events with a strong emphasis on the dates shown. What I can say for sure is that America is in the midst of massive change and these dates are the culminating points of the crisis, and it is going to dramatically impact the entire world as this crisis unfolds.

Keep in mind that the Astrological indications are world wide – but it is directly impacting the heart of America.

One thing is guaranteed – most politicians will do exactly the opposite of what is required to make things better; they are already in panic mode trying to contain this crisis. Having stupid politicians in charge is just part of the zeitgeist we are living in.

Astrological symbols can mean many things, but always with an underlying theme. A context is required for any relevance to arise. Kind of like a musical instrument capable of a vast range of notes but resonating with a particular object only at a specific frequency.

Uranus represents sudden upheaval and drastic change as well as new inventions, rebellion and revolution, insights and initiations, accidents, something unexpected. What manifests during a Uranus activation can often be the result of things being hidden or suppressed and building up pressure for a long time and finally breaking free – like an earthquake. Or it can be a brilliant flash of inspiration like a lightening bolt. Either way, Uranus brings about dramatic change (internal perceptions and/or external conditions), and in doing so it can break down our sense of security which can produce feelings of fear and anxiety.

On the positive side this influence may inspire someone to create a new invention to help us deal with part of the crisis – like a new source of energy that will lessen the stress of oil on the world economy. But the US has been supressing such things for a long time (political ignorance deems it a threat to National Security). It will only happen if the US loses significant control of such things.

Pluto represents power and powerful people or entities such as corporations and governments, it also indicates deep transformation, birth and death, underworld power such as gangs and mafia, underground resources such as mines, resources of others that can be used for power, debt, secrets and secret organizations, as well as atoms, atomic power, and radioactivity. What often manifests during a Pluto activation can often start as a minor action or decision that ends up having huge consequences.

We have already seen this influence in the nuclear accident in Japan. When they built the reactors it must have seemed to be a perfectly reasonable decision to build nuclear reactors so close to the ocean (otherwise it would never have been done).

And to repeat for emphasis, these planetary influences are World Wide. The Pluto influence has been growing in strength since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 – just when the economies around the world took a nasty dive, in large part to the foolishness and greed in the US. But that was just a peek at what is yet to come.

Anyway, the odiferous effluvia (shit) is going to hit the fan BIG TIME around April 21-22, 2014. Not only is Uranus exactly square (the 90 degree aspect that produces maximum tension) to Pluto at this time – it is also square to Jupiter in the sign Cancer, and both Jupiter and Pluto are square to Mars in Libra! All four planets are either 90 degrees or 180 degrees to each other. And the ENTIRE configuration is focusing all that stress and power onto the core of the United States birth chart: the Sun in the 14th degree of the sign Cancer! You can see these alignments as their paths all cross at the same time in the graphic. These transiting planets also effect the US chart’s Saturn in Libra, not all at the same time like they do with the Sun, but in pretty quick succession, all close to the time they cross the Sun. There is also an exact crossing of Jupiter & Mars over the US Saturn in January 2014, and then several more crossings over the Sun and Saturn moving into 2015.

Economic Crisis maximum April 2014

Maximum Stress when Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Mars all focus on the USA Sun (and Saturn)

Jupiter represents expansion and growth, opportunities, anything it touches gets bigger in some way, it represents long distance travel, big business deals, anything that has significant increase. The problem is that the increase can manifest as good or bad depending on how it iteracts with other planets and on what is happening in the current context of the world. So right now this indicates the massive currency printing, eventual (hyper) inflation of the US dollar, an increase in international defenses as the Sun in Cancer can become very defensive when threatened (even if the threat is merely precieved), and an escalation of domestic controls (money and people) as people start to get pissed off (and rebel or leave the country for good) at the bullshit the government has gotten them stuck in.

Mars represents the need to act. It is the initiator, the warrior, the need to get out there and do something. It can be impulsive and aggressive. Unaware of consequences.

Saturn represents established structures, governments, businesses, and the individuals in charge. It also represents control and defense, imposing limits and massive bueaucracy; Saturn never wants to give up any established influence or status. In order to build anything structure is required, but when it is within government these structures become old and inappropriate; they need to be dismantled for new methods of operation. Even though new structures need to be built (which is a Saturnian thing to do) Saturn resists the process of old structures being broken down. The breakdown comes from Uranus; and the influence shows the USA is losing some of the established control systems (international and domestic) it has enjoyed for decades. The problem is how far the USA will go to defend those systems.

The Sun in the chart for the creation of any entity represents the ‘identity’ of that entity (in this case a country – the USA). It is also one of the primary driving forces that motivates people within a country to maintain the existence of the country.

With all these pressures focusing on the Sun in the USA chart, it means MASSIVE changes within the core of the United States. It is already unrecognizable with all the tampering with the Constitution (the creation of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security, among others) and continuously printing money from nothing, and all the other stupidity the American politicians are up to these days (and have been for decades). It is all coming to the breaking point because they cannot contain the consequences much longer.

It is interesting how ‘Homeland Security’ is such an appropriate name, just a bit of Astrological synchronicity showing up even in the names of things! The US is a Sun in Cancer Nation and Cancer rules the home; Cancerian types can also have very intense defensive reactions when threatened (even for minor or apparent threats as they can be very sensitive about protecting their home).

When this Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter/Mars/Sun configuration is in full force (April 21-22, 2014) we will likely see very high inflation possibly leading to hyper-inflation, massive economic collapse (making 2008 look like a tea party), and possibly even war on a scale not seen since WW2. This is not a prediction that a large scale war will happen, just a stronger possibility because the conditions will be much more volatile. If it does happen, it would really just be a change in scale for the US, as they have been in some kind of war almost all the time. But now the US is bankrupt, and whoever loses in war is usually whoever runs out of money first. I just hope it never happens.

It would be nice if some strange sequence of events could propel Ron Paul into the oval office; because then we could be hopeful of the US doing some things right – such as NOT getting into another war. Astrologically Ron Paul has very strong connections to the United States birth chart, but the political elite and the mass media are certainly working to suppress his chances of getting elected.

All of this is the result of being over-run by kleptocratic governments that are controlled by banks and other giant corporations. These huge corporations and banks operate internationally and have no real loyalty to any country. They are powerful enough to manipulate the governments of the world so they can all together steal the wealth of the world and keep the masses locked in serfdom.

And the consequences are about to change the Entire World.

In closing, there is another facet of our current zeitgeist that is worth mentioning. There is a lot of ignorance in our world, but there are also lots of people with amazing creativity, brilliant ideas and a deep understanding of things, that I wonder why they are not running the planet instead of all the politicians and banksters! We have some pretty amazing technologies, and the way we can travel and communicate is so profoundly different than ever before in history that these things together may be our saving grace. Maybe the coming chaos is required for a shift from ignorance to wisdom, or at least to find a better way to live on planet earth. Some very difficult challenges are ahead of us, but the recovery might be one of our greatest achievements.

Copyright May 2012 Rick Falck

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